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November 05, 2012




As a writer, I don't struggle so much with an excess of equipment as with an excess of ideas. I've learned - the hard way - that there are only so many writing projects a person can work on at a time. However, I go through periods when ideas for projects come flying at me at nearly the speed of light and in numbers that approach (well, not literally, but you know) the number of stars in a galaxy.

Because I'm me, I want to sit down and play with all these new and fascinating ideas right away. Instead, I try to write them down and file them away for later. It's very difficult to do sometimes, but necessary if I'm not to get bogged down in the writer's version of startitis.


Try *working* in a large, mind-blowingly amazing, well-stocked yarn store, haha. The temptation is never-ending, but so far I have been able to limit myself to a single purchase per month... Sometimes.
For the rest of the year, I'm also planning on destashing down as much as I can- knit all the damn yarn taking up space in my sewing room! Make arm warmers and cozy socks till I'm sick and stock up my Etsy. Everyone gets knitted gifts for the holidays. Take what's left and try to pass it off onto my knitting group, lol.

Julia - Aberrant Crochet

Love the insight shared on limiting choices! I find custom orders push my design boundaries too, probably for the same reason - I'm limited to the customer's wants or budget!


I teach a watercolor class, and one of the running themes is paring down. Working with a limited palette. Weeding out one's travel paint kit. Putting down only the necessary marks. It's funny how that bleeds over into the rest of life, huh?

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