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September 26, 2012


Judy Astroff

I did that? Wow, I was pretty good in the old days. Of course, $5 won't buy much of anything in Bones and Rubble. These days I try to restrict myself to the Kindle under $3.99 or daily deals on Amazon, and no trips to any bookstores if I can help it. I even use the LIBRARY!

One kind of place I have stopped going to altogether is fabric stores. I used to love browsing. But since I have barely sewn a hem in the last decade, and still have a stash from that visit of yours years ago, no fabric for me.

Oh, the effects of a one-bedroom apartment.

I did put a new group of pix up on the Web - Nat and Bob's wedding, photos taken by Dad. The album was falling apart, and the Smiths have all the pics they need. so voila, out of the closet! My dream is an entirely empty closet. Hah!


But that's a good effect of a one-bedroom apartment. People fill their garages and basements to the rafters with stuff they should recycle, give away or throw out. Not a good thing.

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