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November 05, 2011



very cool cat, that Maggie should be entered in the cat olympics:) Isnt' it interesting how their favorite toys arenot toys. I just spent 20 dollars on a huge cat tunnel and they played in the box, no matter what type of cat nip product i have placed on it. I love the cat toy, they are scare of it. guess i have to wait till we get a new kitty, sad, i love that big gray cat tunnel., has kitty paws and tail. hmm. love your knitting, just starting on things other than scarves and blankets. Although i tried a stitch called entrelac or something like that, and have a scarf but want to do a hat but think i will try a hat with a normal stitch . Although the entrelac
is a very easy stitch to learn it just looks difficult. it looks like a bunch of rectangles knitted together. well i will have to bookmark your blog and check in. thanks for the intertainment and hopefully expanding my mind on the knitting.

Kim sorry about those socks. Such a lovely color, too. Yes knit some more. If you need sock yarn let me know. I have some nice Blauband in blue and white; green and white; shades of gold; and then some miscellaneous colors. Gladly would send you some. I think you always liked Molly's blauband. Let's talk soon. Love the kitty photo.


Moths! They ate my favorite cashmere hoodie! Waaaaaaah. I thought I had just a little tiny hole in the front, and then I looked under the hoodie and Gaaaaaccckkkk. Not fair.

Just so you know you are not alone.

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