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April 20, 2008



Rob, your blog looks great! Excellent new look. I don't envy the unpacking part, but it's good to hear that you are finding your niche in the San Antonio fiber world.


Isn't Candelight a great venue for knitting? And the guys that run the place really like "their knitters," too!


Forward with the unpacking, forward with the creative fibering!

Have you checked your Yahoo mail recently?


Welcome to San Antonio! I often make it to Candlelight on Sundays, but I had to work yesterday. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon.


Oh that first picture of all the boxes made me want to go back to bed immediately. What a job moving is. But you sound like you're making progress, and I envy you that Sunday group. Those folks sound terrific.


Robbyn, I check my yahoo mail all the time. Did I miss something? Oh no!


I'm sorry that Studios turned out to be a dud - but I'm glad you told me so before I spring for the highly inflated price that it'll carry once it finally arrives in OZ.
Looking forward to lots of progress photos in your new space
and the knitting group sounds fabulous

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